Drummond Trinity Cricket Club: Sponsored by Victoria Park Hotel

Drummond Trinity Cricket Club: Sponsored by Victoria Park Hotel 3rd XI squad

3rd XI

Captain : Steve Coulson

Known as the Geoffrey Boycott of the team. Steve is convinced this is because of his prodigious run scoring, stoic opening batting and Yorkshire origins and has absolutely nothing to do with the rate at which he scores said runs. Also known to bowl possibly the slowest medium pace in the East League (certainly in over-10 games). Specialist slip fielder except when dolly catches bounce off his beer belly. Attempts to introduce Marxist philosophy to the team over the years has at least succeeded in forcing Gus to now tell his politically incorrect jokes when Steve is out of earshot.

Vice Captain : Jonathan Morrow

Jon has somehow survived captaining the DT2s for the past few seasons. It possibly has something to do with his droll humour. A more than decent medium pace bowler and someone who has been known to get good runs for the team (often in adversity). Here's hoping Jon has some cricket stories to laugh at this season!
Keith Mullins
Renfrewshire-born Polonophile, Renaissance man and wicketkeeper.

Has a tendency to spend most of the game hidden behind protective masks. Whether this is for his protection or for everyone else's is still unclear.
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