Drummond Trinity Cricket Club: Sponsored by Victoria Park Hotel

Drummond Trinity Cricket Club: Sponsored by Victoria Park Hotel Midweek squad

2013 Terry Newcombe Champions

Captain : Uday Kumar Kuchadi

Talk to me, you will know better about me.

Vice Captain : Basil Khan

Possibly the 2nd teams tallest player. Good all round cricketer with one of the 2s best arms, the ability to put bat to ball and useful slow/spin bowling as well as a keen scorer!
Dave Armstrong
Possibly the only DTs player who is also a grandfather and often bats and fields like one, although it also allowed him to beat Tim Jay's run total in 2008! Not the oldest as long as Fraser keeps playing.
Moazzam Awan
Rizwan's brother
Rizwan Awan
Rizwan really made his mark in the DTs in Season 2009 after his premature retiral in 2008 - "It's not worth playing it rains too much!" A fine swing bowler who varies his bowling intelligently, Rizwan is also a decent batsman. He can defend when that is required (an innings of Coolio-like stoicism at Kinross in pre-season 2009 comes to mind) and attack as he did brilliantly at Loretto in May 2009. He possesses a missile-like throw but is possibly the most rubbish sprinter in the DTs (and that is saying something with Jack and Victor around!). Attempts by Jamal to coach him - "Take bigger steps!" - have failed miserably! After getting married in 2009, Rizzy become a Dad for the first time in 2010 and has adapted extremely well to family life in Edinburgh - apart from the weather that is!
Steve Coulson
Known as the Geoffrey Boycott of the team. Steve is convinced this is because of his prodigious run scoring, stoic opening batting and Yorkshire origins and has absolutely nothing to do with the rate at which he scores said runs. Also known to bowl possibly the slowest medium pace in the East League (certainly in over-10 games). Specialist slip fielder except when dolly catches bounce off his beer belly. Attempts to introduce Marxist philosophy to the team over the years has at least succeeded in forcing Gus to now tell his politically incorrect jokes when Steve is out of earshot.
Michael Davidson
A recent recruit to the rock n' roll circus that is DTCC, Mike has swiftly become an important member of the team. We are only in May 2006 but already he has bowled "possibly the best ball he has ever seen" and embarrassingly for him said as much in writing on the Discussion board. Actually a very unusual wrist spinner with the potential to take lots of wickets once he avoids those ones that bounce 3 times before getting to the keeper! A keen and safe fielder, Mike ought ot score more runs once he is reacquainted with the joys of wet Scots wickets. Can sometimes be found purging pre-season, post-net excesses' at "Mikey's Corner" Waterloo Place / North Bridge, opposite the Balmoral Hotel, in full view of side stepping pedestrians !
Paul Holland
Lazy git
Tim Jays
Possibly the biggest Grimsby fan in the club, Tim is a useful higher order batsman and (usually) very sound fielder, except when playing at Carlton or Grange! Typically took some of the best catches in the club in 2005 then dropped the easiest at a crucial stage v. Carlton. A keen 5-a-side player, his penchant for heading the cricket ball whilst in the field is certainly interesting! Rumours that he has the "ear" of the First Minister are entirely unfounded...
Taha Khan
Basil's twin brother
Started playing for DT's in 2013 after missing 2 seasons with a Knee Injury
Zain Khan
Fast bowler pronto
Faiq Mansoor
Always ready for two things:
Cricket always comes first.
Kiran Kumar Mareddy

Kiran was a star performer in 2016's Parks Trophy and Division 3 title winning team. Blessed with blistering pace and increasingly accurate he is a handful for most opening batsmen. Shy and retiring he tends to do his talking with the ball.

Always up for a photo opportunity!

Gus McCallum
Few batsmen in the club can smite leather off willow with more power than Gus. An upper-middle order batsman who often gets runs in quick time. Also a top fielder & decent part-time 'keeper. Was a useful bowler - on rare occasions - until he wrecked his knee in June 2010.
Kevin McLellan
Regular wicket keeper (the best that Tim Jays has ever seen!), club stalwart and occasional Hannibal Lector, Danny DeVito & George Galloway stunt double. Steady batsman and once a season bowler, much to the amusement of Gusto, Sammy masterminded the Club's record transfer negotiations many years ago, in a pub car park with a brown envelope, enough said! Getting grumpier as the years role on and his knees and back are going very quickly, he is like Coolio and Granty roled into one!
Gurjeet Modi
A passionate cricketer with a special magic delivery up his sleeves! A guy who loves hitting every ball outside the rope - which mostly brings his downfall! Asks everyone else to have a cool head on the field but can't control his own emotions - DT's reply to Bhajji!
Jonathan Morrow
Jon has somehow survived captaining the DT2s for the past few seasons. It possibly has something to do with his droll humour. A more than decent medium pace bowler and someone who has been known to get good runs for the team (often in adversity). Here's hoping Jon has some cricket stories to laugh at this season!
Keith Mullins
Renfrewshire-born Polonophile, Renaissance man and wicketkeeper.

Has a tendency to spend most of the game hidden behind protective masks. Whether this is for his protection or for everyone else's is still unclear.
Shehzad Nagi
Shezhad has firmly established himself in the DT set up with his pugnacious batting style and remarkably accurate leg break deliveries. Beginning to get used to the delightful Scottish wickets and dodgy on field banter. Hit his maiden club 50 before last season got washed down the drain by the wet weather. Often known as Monica - not sure why though?
Jamal Nasir
This man claims to have only really started playing last year after a career of lobbing tennis balls at his wee sister in Afghanistan! Hmm? Excellent new ball bowler, attacking batsman and catch taker. Has been known for occasional lapses in taste (sticking your tongue out at someone when you are catching them is a tad unnecessary!). Jamal is a key member of the DTs team...and a recent convert to the wonders of hair gel and dodgy moustaches!!!
Matt Reed
Started his career with Trinity as an opening bowler and no.11 bat however early on was severely hampered by his draconian NHS work schedule. Came into his own over the last few seasons when he worked out that it helped to watch the ball when the bowler was bowling (!) and has shown that he actually knows one end of the bat from the other - has a trademark cover drive with all other shots a variation of this. Has been a regular opening batsman in the 2s over the last few seasons, a position he relishes.
Gaurav Shandilya
Gaurav started playing for DTs in Season 2008. A useful right handed middle order batsman who started by bowling interesting left arm spinners - but is now a decent swing & seam bowler.  Gaurav is now an established member of the rock and roll circus that is the DTs. His nickname is no reflection whatsoever of his drinking habits - although he is partial to the odd Cobra!
Tom Turpie
The DTs only qualified medieval historian. Rarely hits the ball infront of square intentionally, but still manages to chip in with valuable runs down the order. Regular member of the 2nd and 3rd team squads and occasionally the 1s from 2007-present and 2s vice-captain from 2009-2014
Usman Waheed
Usman is a young pace bowler who swings the ball prodigously and tends to take more wickets when he steps up to the 1s which increasingly he does. Famous for taking absolutely no guard whatsoever - he is nevertheless well capable of adding some lusty blows at the tail end of an innings. Recently took his best ever figures of 6-25 v Stenhousemuir 2s a feat which included 4 wickets in 4 balls! Not renowned for his onfield banter - Usman is one of that rare breed - a DT who does his talking with the ball!
Grant Weatherstone
All time leading wicket taker for Drummond, Grant's arm has slid lower and lower as the seasons have gone on. A club stalwart, Teach has continued to take wickets whether he bowls early or late in an innings. Probably bowled more maidens than is good for anyone. Has scored good runs in the past and can play crucial innings late in the day still. Renowned for groaning his way through particularly tight matches - "We'll never do it!!" As a man fond of a spot of "Tea & Toast" on a Tuesday evening, Granty is believed to be on the verge of a ground-breaking player sponsorship deal with Hovis.
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